TNX Selling 1000s of Links CHEAP!

» – 1000s of non-reciprocal links to your website

I’ve just checked out his blog. Very lively, making life colourful. Every post is worth reading and commenting upon.

The author was talking about Tnx, these guys sell links on the internet. The system is real cheap, and is basically very helpful to people dealing with SEO. You can literally buy thousands of links for a few dollars.

I decided to give it a try. I’m always looking for ways to advertise my site, and what better way there could be than this? I thought, I’m getting 2370 oneway links for one month for only $12.60… Thats way cheap. Certainly, if you choose sites of higher PR, you have to shell out more cash.

Nut then, Linking Matters. Google likes links (though not paid links), so I can advertise an obscure blog that Google doesn’t know about in order to increase the PageRank.

I’ve created an account, and I believe I should use the network. My main Flagship site cannot be advertised there, for obvious reasons. But my blog can…

What do you think about Please leave your comments.


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