Insane John McCain is unfit to be a Republican nominee

I’ll tell you the truth. I was very impressed by John McCain. He was a POW, an active politician, an independent thinker & very impressive credentials. Until, I decided to research more about John, who could be an option considering the fact that MSM has virtually omitted any reference to Dr. Ron Paul.

I was very disappointed by what I read. The article here is an eye-opener.

With Super Tuesday behind us, more and more conservatives are desperate to find a real Republican and McCain is not the answer for he is as liberal and insane as they come………..

God bless Ron Paul

McCain is a militarist suffering from acute narcissism, armed with the Bush Doctrine and he is not fit to be commander in chief. McCain is running on a platform that says your jobs are not coming back, the illegals are not going home, but we are going to have more wars. Romney is in love with Romney. Obama and Clinton are now kissing each other, planning their partnership to install a Socialist government that forces you to pay more taxes for benefits for everybody else. Don’t You Get It Yet?

There is a Solution…..Ron Paul. Stop pandering and seriously read about this guy.

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3 responses to “Insane John McCain is unfit to be a Republican nominee

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  2. Mccain is also a party traitor. That’s why I don’t vote for him here in cali.

  3. While I do like Ron Paul in many ways, I’m beginning to resign myself to my second choice: Barack Obama. At least he isn’t Hillary, who is absolutely insane, and he isn’t John McCain, who wants a war, for any reason at all.
    Of the three, I think Obama is best.
    I am highly disappointed, however, that Dr. Ron Paul hasn’t gotten the attention he deserves, because I believe he could have been the change America desperately needs.

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