Will Your Presidential Candidate Save the sinking USA?

Most voters really haven’t a clue what is really happening to America. You are being swayed by an orchestrated campaign by the news media that you cannot fathom. The TV networks want to create an image that everything is OK, so consumers will keep buying goods and services from the sponsors of the TV programs. The national brain-washing machine, the TV set, is how this consumer propaganda is communicated. Living beyond one’s means has become the norm in America.

David Walker, comptroller general of the United States and head of the Government Accountability Office, the GAO, says the survival of the republic is at stake. Walker has given up pleading with politicians and is taking up his bullhorn to warn the public directly. But the public, like sheep, is relying on the direction of their shepherds.
Taxing the rich won’t pay for universal health care, nor for the shortfalls of Medicare and Social Security. Over a 10-year period, elimination of tax cuts would only bring in an additional $3 trillion.

The people on this ship of state don’t recognize the greatest expense that is being hidden from view.

Unfortunately, America answers the question “no.” The ship is taking on water but too few Americans care to make a difference.

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