Break The Matrix – Take Back the Media – The Revolution has Began

A grassroots response to the deficiencies that are so glaringly obvious in our existing mainstream media structure is now underway.


The essential first step is clear and obvious. We need to build community. Individuals acting alone cannot achieve a lasting success. Donations to the cause; volunteerism; good intentions—these things are immensely valuable, but they are not enough. We have to DO SOMETHING MORE. We have to FIND EACH OTHER, AND ACT TOGETHER. Our adversaries want to keep us separated, and divided, and apart. They want to keep us weak, and controlled, and silenced. They don’t want us to join together; to move in unison; to be like they are. Keeping us apart is the key to their power, ladies and gentlemen. They have community. And so must we.

Our community will start right here on the Internet. We’ll begin with the development of interesting and entertaining content for online radio and television, and the creation of a community web portal where our supporters can gather and find each other. Then we grow from there. We’ll start out small, with the sharing of voices and faces online. People talking, and spreading the words of freedom. When the time comes we’ll move off the Internet to terrestrial radio stations and television outlets across America. It won’t happen quickly. It won’t be easy. We should not kid ourselves—this effort will take time, and money, and energy, and vision. But it can be done, and it’s going to happen because it MUST happen. It’s going to happen because the time has come for the plundering of America to stop.

Building community—that’s what matters most, and that’s what we’re looking to achieve. Our financing tool is simple. We’re going to proceed with a public offering of stock through the Internet. Nothing quite like this has ever been done before, but something new is needed. So the day is coming when we’ll be asking you to invest in our vision. The choice will be yours to make.

That’s what’s we’re planning, but for now we ask only that you read and consider our written messages at If you think we’re on the right track, click the pledge button. Show your support, and spread the word. Tell your friends, your family, your colleagues, and move the idea forward. The creation of our community has already begun, but we need to see it grow if we are going to truly have an impact in getting the word out to the American people. To our more than 5200 subscribers who’ve pledged so far, we say: THANK YOU. To those of you who are learning about us for the first time, we say: check it out. There will be much more to follow in upcoming weeks and months as we get things moving. It’s a process, one small step at a time, and this is merely the initial and non—binding “solicitation of interest” stage. We invite you in; the water’s fine. Tell us now if you’re interested; a detailed Offering Circular will follow later when the newly forming company is up and ready. In the meantime, here are the applicable Securities and Exchange Commission rules for where we are today:


No money or other consideration is being solicited by this document, and if sent in response, will not be accepted;

No sales of securities will be made or commitment to purchase accepted until delivery of an offering circular that includes complete information about the issuer and the offering;

An indication of interest by a prospective investor involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

As is our custom here at, we close with some words of Ron Paul from the presidential campaign trail. Dr. Paul says: “How can we ask one young American to die for a neocon empire?” How, indeed.

Basic Media, Inc. (in formation)

Rick Williams

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Trevor Lyman

Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer

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One response to “Break The Matrix – Take Back the Media – The Revolution has Began

  1. robert john vernier

    you will find it hard to convince the american citizens that this plan is viable. they are so used to having their news censored by the lying media thieves that they dont trust any news programs. i believe that ron paul won every primary election or was close to the top in votes. that is the power of the media thieves in the election process in america. that is what you have to overcome. that brain washing process, that history of deceit. that arrogant bunch of treasonist american hating pigs. i am behind you if you arnt a phoney red herring. some thing has to be done to enlighten the american zombies. however after seeing how the americans do nothing to same themselves from their extinction it might be impossible to teach them anything. sorry to be so truthfull but you have to say it like it is.

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