Thomas Friedman Endorses Ron Paul Principles

Thomas L. Friedman, who happens to be a famous freelance journalist, has written an article about the decline in America, and how the future is looking bleak, unless something radical changes are brought about.

Our president’s latest energy initiative was to go to Saudi Arabia and beg King Abdullah to give us a little relief on gasoline prices. I guess there was some justice in that. When you, the president, after 9/11, tell the country to go shopping instead of buckling down to break our addiction to oil, it ends with you, the president, shopping the world for discount gasoline.

He echoed Dr. Ron Paul’s words… “We are living on borrowed money and borrowed time…”

Even though he does not name Dr. Paul direcltly, it is very clear that the nation is waking up to the fact that this mismanagement, feeding the ever-growing monstrous Military-Industrial Complex will drown this country.

Who will tell the people? We are not who we think we are. We are living on borrowed time and borrowed dimes. We still have all the potential for greatness, but only if we get back to work on our country.

He exhorts people to save money, to create capital… just like Dr. Ron Paul has said.

We are a great power. How could we be borrowing money from Singapore? Maybe it’s because Singapore is investing billions of dollars, from its own savings, into infrastructure and scientific research to attract the world’s best talent — including Americans.

Read the rest of the article…

As reported in NYTimes and


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