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Jubilee 2012 War

Source: http://jubilee2012.50webs.com/war.htm


1. World War I, The Balfour Declaration and the Overthrow of the Russian Zars.

Adolph Hitler wasn’t the only madman to rule over Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm II lead Germany to its destruction in W.W.I.  Crippled since birth with a useless arm, Keiser Wilhelm was the grand son of queen Victoria and the great uncle of QE2. It was no accident that Kaiser Wilhelm chose Max Warburg as head of Germany’s Secret Service. The Warburgs and the Rothschilds controlled Germany’s Central Bank called the Reich Bank, which was founded by Mayor Rothschild. While Max and Felix Warburg helped finance Germany in W.W.I, their brother Paul Warburg of Kuhn and Loeb helped finance the American side by selling War Bonds through the US Federal Reserve Bank.

The Rothschild and Warburg printing presses worked tirelessly on both sides of the Atlantic, rolling-out debt money.

Germany won the first world war by 1916 without a single shot being fired on German soil. British convoys were blown out of the Atlantic by German u-boats, the French army mutinied and the Russian army was defecting. With British Prime Minister Lloyd George up against a wall, Lionel Rothschild and the Jewish Zionists offered Britain a deal they couldn’t refuse. We’ll bring the United States into the war as your ally and win the war for you, if you promise us Palestine. In April of 1917, President Wilson got the green light and declared war on Germany. Because of overwhelming opposition to the war, Wilson evoked the draught and invoked the espionage act, forcing Americans to fight or be thrown in jail. Billions of US tax payers money was delivered to the British war machine. Money that was never repaid. In return the British government wrote the famous Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917 and addressed it to none other than to lord Lionel Rothschild. The declaration promised the land of Palestine/Israel to the Rothschild Zionists.

The Versailles treaty negotiations after WW1 were held behind closed doors at the luxurious private mansion of yet another Rothschild family member named Edmund Rothschild. Treaty negotiators included Rothschild agent Paul Warburg as the US delegate and his brother Max Warburg as a German delegate.

The Versailles peace treaty forced Germany to accept gilt for the war. As punishment, Germany lost its army, navy and colonies and had to pay the cost of the war through a debt to the international bankers which could never be repaid. WW1 killed 9 million solders, injured, crippled and impoverished millions and collapsed four empires with large parts of France, Belgium and Russia left devastated.

Wars throughout history have always been waged by the ruling class for conquest, power and profit, and the subject class have always fought their battles. It wasn’t until the close of WW1 that solders first began to ask why they were killing and being killed.

The League of Nations was established after WW1 as the money cartel’s first attempt at world control, but Zar Nicholas the second of Russia had caught-on to their plot and sabotaged it. That proved to be a deadly mistake. Schiff, Warburg, Rockefeller, Harriman and Morgan backed the uprisings that lead to the 1917 Russian revolution. Their strategy was to finance both sides of wars and revolutions, which gave them control over the winners, the losers and the outcome.

The execution and the removal of the bodies took 20 minutes. Three centuries of Zarism in Russia was gone.

In the years that followed, between 1918 and 1921, 14 million Russians died from war and starvation under Lenin’s Bolsheviks. By 1919 Lenin ran-up a national debt to the Rothschild international bankers of 60 billion dollars, which put Russia firmly under their control.

As Mayor Rothschild once said “Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes it laws.” To this day, the Rothschilds have stopped the heirs to the Zar’s fortunes from claiming their deposits held in Rothschild banks. Those fortunes are now worth an estimated 50 billion dollars.

Joseph Stalin, who was financed by the same money cartel, replaced Lenin as Russia’s brutal dictator. Using terror and death threats, Stalin’s job was to industrialize Russia and turn Communism into a powerful counter-force to Democracy.

Manufactured conflicts between these two powerful political forces would be the ideal excuse for future wars and for dividing, conquering and ruling the world.

2. The Rise of Hitler and WW2.

In his book Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Prof. Anthony C. Sutton shows documented evidence that US corporations supplied money, fuel, vehicles and weaponry that helped Hitler launch WW2.

Prescott Bush, father of George Bush and grandfather of George W Bush supplied raw materials and funneled vast sums of money and credit to Hitler’s Third Reich.

Under the trading with the enemies act, the US seized businesses operated by Prescott Bush and Averill Harriman, including New York’s Union Banking Corporation. These seizures were based on evidence that Bush and Harriman had been operating front organizations for Hitler’s Third Reich. Their German partner was the notorious Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen, who wrote a book of confessions called “I Paid Hitler”.

Professor Sutton lists Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, Henry Ford’s Ford Motor Company, J P Morgan’s General Electric, ITT and DuPont as suppliers for Germany’s rearmament program. But why on earth would supposedly Jewish bankers and corporations finance a monster like Adolph Hitler? It is a well known fact that Adolph Hitler went to great lengths to cover-up his family history. Even arranging for the assassination of Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss, who investigated Hitler’s family.

The Dollfuss file, now in the hands of the British Secret Service, reveals that Adolph Hitler’s grandmother, named Maria Anna Schickelgruber, worked in Vienna as a live-in house-maid at Salomon Rothschild’s manner next to his hotel. The information was traced through her compulsory registration card. Salomon Rothschild was one of Mayor Rothschild’s 5 banker sons. Separated from his wife; Salomon had a reputation with Police as a lecherous womanizer. When Maria Ana Schickelgrouper’s pregnancy was discovered, she was dismissed.

Adolph Hitler, the grandson of Salomon Rothschild earned a reputation as the most evil man the world had ever known. But more evil than Adolph Hitler were the men who created and financed him.

Hitler’s revolutionary activities in Germany landed him in prison for 5 years. This so-called prison was Landsburgh Castle, a comfortable privileged pastoral setting, where Hitler was groomed for the job of Furheir. His coaches, Rudolf Hess and Herman Guerin helped him write the infamous book Mine Kampf. Upon his release, the book was widely circulated and Hitler traveled throughout Germany, delivering prepared speeches with Rothschild / Warburg financing via the secret Thule and Verail societies.

“The Jews were to blame” shouted Hitler “for the humiliation of the Versailles treaty and for Germany’s financial ruin.”

What possible explanation could there be for supposedly Jewish business men supporting an anti-Semitic mad-man like Adolph Hitler and the extermination of millions of innocent Jews?

One of the world’s dirtiest secrets is that the exterminated Jews in Nazi Germany were not considered real Jews. They were considered Khazar Russians and Eastern Europeans whose ancestors converted to Judaism in 740 AD under their king, king Bulon. Their blood-line traces back to the Turkish Tribes and to the powerful empire of Kaisaris that once controlled all of Russia.

Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s grandfather enjoyed an illustrious banking career, became a respectable republican senator and played golf with Eisenhower, until his past caught up with him.

Prescott Bush in the 1940s had an interesting role. He was an investment banker for Brown brothers Harriman. Unfortunately at the very same time he was doing those things, he was the secret banker for Adolph Hitler and the Thissen family. And he moved money for the Nazis. While his son was fighting them and their allies in the Pacific, dad was home doing that. All of Prescott Bush’s companies were taken over by the government due to his co-operation with the 3rd Reich and trading with the enemy. One of his companies operated mines in Poland, using the inmates of nearby concentration camps as forced labor.

The death camps were not an accident. The seeds of hatred were planted long before the war began. And the extermination was carried-out with some German industry in compliance, while the world looked-on.

While the German subsidiaries of US corporations made fortunes from the war industry and from the free slave-labor of supposedly non ethnic Jews, America also looked on. Masonic US president Franklin DeLeino Roosevelt, who was the grandson of Opium smuggler Warren DeLeino Jr., was too busy bombing the Japanese and developing weapons of mass destruction. Roosevelt chose skull and bones man Henry Stimson as secretary of war. Roosevelt and Stimson ordered massive fire bombing raids on Japan’s 6 largest cities, killing and burning alive a quarter million Japanese men, women and children. In the United States, innocent Japanese American families were thrown into internment prison camps. Japanese assets were frozen, Japan’s oil lifeline was cut off and crippling trade sanctions were imposed. This godless campaign of terror and merciless overkill demanded nothing less than total surrender and the removal of Japan’s emperor.

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, it was the desperate act of a devastated nation. Like the 9-11 attack on the world trade center, US intelligence had well documented advanced warnings of the planned attack on pearl harbor. Yet, like Bush and Rumsfeld, Roosevelt and Stimson did nothing to stop it. The big question is why?

Historians like Robert Stinet and John Toleman believe that because US citizens would not participate in another world war, a direct attack on US soil would change their minds. The attack could also be used to justify the testing of Roosevelt’s new atomic weapons of mass destruction on a human population. Einstein introduced Roosevelt to the atomic bomb in 1939. Harry Truman, a relatively unknown, uneducated business school drop-out and the son of a mule trader, replaced Roosevelt as US president in 1945. Truman owed his political career to Tom Prendergast. A gun running, boot-legging, prostitution and narcotics ring crook, who sponsored Harry Trueman’s election into the US senate. On the advice of James Burns and Henry Stimson, dirty Harry dropped the first radio-active atomic bomb on the human population of Hiroshima at 8.15am on August 6th. 1945, without any warning.

Heat from the center of the explosion reached 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, melting buildings and setting bridges on fire. Rivers and streams throughout the city began to boil. People evaporated where they stood, leaving shadows of their bodies scorched onto the streets. In a matter of seconds, four square miles of Hiroshima became an atomic wasteland. Several minutes passed then a black rain began to fall on the wasteland. Pebble-sized pieces of black radio-active ash. 80,000 people died from the atomic explosion.

Three days later while Japanese survivors were still reeling from the radio-active fall-out, the United States dropped a second type of atomic bomb, nick-named “fat man”, testing it on the human population of Nagasaki.

In retaliation for 2,400 American military deaths at Pearl Harbor, that could have been prevented because of advanced warnings, two US atomic bombs of mass-destruction evaporated 130,000 Japanese civilians and their families and killed another 90,000 in the horrendous aftermath.

To this day, Japanese survivors and their off-spring suffer related genetic deformities, cancers, nightmares and permanent environmental destruction.

Years later, Harry Truman was asked if he did any soul-searching before giving his approval to use the A-bombs against Japan. His reply was “Hell no, I made it like that” and he snapped his fingers in the air.

In May 1952, Harry Truman was awarded an honorary plaque, and a village in Israel was named in his honor.

WW2 took the lives of 35 million trusting, patriotic, flag waving people, willing to die for their country, or die for freedom, or die a hero. But what they really died for was the lies and the propaganda of the ruling elite.

With the fall of Nazi Germany right on schedule, Stalin officially announced to the world that Hitler had escaped. But US and British spin-doctors quickly changed the story, claiming that Hitler had committed suicide, and that his body had been burned beyond recognition by his own officers. The key words being “beyond recognition”.

3. Establishment of the Zionist State in Israel.

While people were busy celebrating the end of WW2 and believing what they wanted to believe, the international bankers who had sponsored the genocide, torture and suffering of supposedly non-ethnic Jews, stole their wealth from Swiss bank accounts, just as they had stolen the wealth of the Russian Zars after financing the Russian Revolution. The Vatican was also tied to plundering Nazi gold, which had been stolen from the Jews. It is a well documented fact that pope pious 12th. lent his support to the anti-Semitic Hitler and his Nazi regime.

With the fall of Nazi Germany, the Rothschild’s wasted no time waving their Balfour Declaration (of November 2, 1917) at the British Government and reminded them of their written promise to give them Palestine. But how could the British promise the Arab land of Palestine to the Jews?

In 1917, the British parachuted free Opium and Hashish to the Turkish troupes and took Palestine from them.

During WW2, the British needed Arab oil and signed an agreement with the Arabs which forbade Jewish immigration into Palestine, then at the end of the war, the British broke their agreement with the Arabs and allowed the Rothschild Jewish Zionists to smuggle hundreds of thousands of Jews from around the world into Palestine. Jews who were in many cases forced to leave their homes and immigrate to the new Jewish State.

To win public support, the Rothschild’s, who own Routers and the Associated Press, bombarded their media empire with images of homeless Jewish Holocaust refugees crowded together in ships off the coast of Palestine.

On October 24, 1945, the Banker Global Empiricists gave birth to their most powerful weapon of global control, The United Nations. According to plan, the British pulled-out of Palestine and gave the land to the Jewish Zionists.

In 1948, the Banker controlled United Nations officially set up the Zionist state of Israel. To deal with millions of Palestinian residents, the Israeli Jews massacred and drove them from their homeland. The Jews herded the Palestinians into two separated regions called the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.

The Rothschild’s soon began financing Jewish Holocaust refugees to build illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian land. These illegal Jewish settlements set the stage for Israel’s prime minister Arial Sharon’s reign of terror against Palestinians who dared to defend what was left of their stolen homeland.

Like Saddam Hussein, Sharon violated dozens of UN resolutions by using hundreds of tanks and American supplied gunships and planes in an unrelenting campaign of bombing, murdering, bulldozing, starving and terrorizing thousands of Palestinians off of what remained of their land.

In violation of international law, Israel also secretly developed over 100 nuclear weapons of mass destruction, capable of vaporizing the entire middle-east.

Defenseless against Israel’s US backed media and military campaign, the Palestinian Muslims fought back with sticks and stones and suicide as their only means of defense against the wholesale theft of their land.

The Bible prophesies that the world will eventually be ruled from Jerusalem by the coming Messiah. Many fundamentalist Jews and Christians wrongly believe that the Messiah will be a descendent of king David of the tribe of Judah, and think it is their duty to bring this to fulfillment. But the Bible book of Genesis clearly says that the Kingship will not depart from the line of David of the Tribe of Judah until Shiloh/Christ comes, but that then the Messiah will come from Joseph, and not Judah.

Genesis 49:10 The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a law-giver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes; and unto him [shall] the gathering of the people [be].

Genesis 49:22 Joseph [is] a fruitful bough, [even] a fruitful bough by a well; [whose] branches run over the wall:
49:23 The archers have sorely grieved him, and shot [at him], and hated him:
49:24 But his bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty [God] of Jacob; (from thence [is] The Shepherd, The [Corner] Stone of Israel:)

The Rothschild’s, whose front companies had helped finance Hitler and the Jewish slave-labor camps, have turned Jewish Holocaust victims into victimizers. Imprisoned inside barbed-wire refugee camps, the Palestinians began to resemble the victims of Nazi concentration camps.

According to author Simon Shama, the Rothschild’s own 80% of the land of Israel.

4. The Zionist claim on the land of Israel – Is it legitimate?

The Zionist extremists call themselves God’s Chosen people, and believe they have an unconditional God-given right to the “Promised Land” of Israel, but the Bible records a different story:

The Passover – 1500 B.C. – The Hebrew Israelites were in Egypt, in slavery, under the rule and laws of men. The Passover was where the “angel of death” passed over the houses of the Israelites and killed the first-born of Egypt, from Every household including the pharaoh’s (the king). It foreshadows the Second Passover because a lamb was sacrificed and its blood used to paint around the door of every Israelite house, to save them from death, just as the death of “The Lamb of God” – Jesus and His blood, saved the entire nation from death at Passover, 1500 years later.

The Passover and the lamb’s blood was the thing, that brought about, the end of 400 years of slavery and oppression, under the rules and laws of man, to Freedom under the Rule of God; His Laws and Economics, given to Moses and the Israelite people at Sinai.

As the Israelites left Egypt and slavery, hoping to never become slaves again, they swore that they would never kneel to any man, ever again, only to God, Who had given them freedom from the rule of evil men.

At Sinai, in Horeb, Moses was given God’s Laws; Statutes; Judgments; Agricultural and Economic Policies, so that Israel could live in prosperity and freedom, from oppression under selfish men’s laws and economic policies.

The entire nation accepted the Covenant/contract. Under The Covenant, Israel swore a solemnly binding oath, to keep and do everything that God had commanded to Moses, for ever and would be God’s servant nation, His wife and faithful to the marriage-contract (The Covenant) and His Demonstration People to the rest of the world.

That demonstration, was, to show the rest of the world, how wonderful it was to live under God’s Laws and Economics, as opposed to men’s evil systems (all of them including so-called democracy).

Under the terms of the marriage-contract God gave Israel the “Land Flowing with Milk and Honey” – the land of Israel. Their right of possession of the land of Israel was not unconditional, but was totally dependent upon them keeping the Covenant and God’s Law.

God said that as long as they kept His Ways and did not commit adultery (unfaithfulness to Him or each other), He would bring the sun and rain in their seasons and He would make their crops grow abundantly and they would want for nothing. They would live in peace and safety and be happy and prosperous, with no need for crime, as there would be no poverty or deprivation and everyone would love and help each other. (“Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself”).

The idea behind this, was, so that the gentile nations, outside of Israel, would see how wonderful it was to live under God’s system and want it for themselves.

They would have two options. The first and wrong option would be to try to take Israel by force and steal what they had. But, under The Covenant (marriage-contract), God had promised that He (as a husband protects his wife) would fight their enemies for them, and defeat them and that one man would chase a thousand and they would flee in terror.

The second and right option was – “if you can’t beat them, join them” – where they would come to Israel and ask if they could join them. Whereupon, they would be told, yes, if they agreed to keep The Covenant too. This was to be “the grafting into Israel of the Gentiles”, so that, little by little, the borders of Israel would enlarge to take in these gentile nations and eventually the whole world would become the Kingdom of Israel and God’s Kingdom on Earth, with justice; freedom; safety and prosperity for everyone, not just the strong, powerful and rich, like under men’s evil laws.

However, they broke their promise and The Covenant and allowed greedy; selfish; evil people, from amongst their own nation, to make up their own laws; economics and customs, to make the Commandments of God of no effect. Because of this going away from God’s Laws and Economic Policy, given in the Books of Moses (the first five Books of the Bible), and turning to man’s laws, the people became slaves again. This time they were not the slaves of foreigners but of the rich people whom they had allowed to make up laws to cheat them and make them poor and themselves rich – people from within their own nation.

So they had broken the contract and were not giving God’s Demonstration, as they had promised, and would not be able to help God to bring the Gentiles into the Kingdom, as there was nothing worth joining. The system had become no better than a gentile one.

The curse then came into force. Under The Covenant were blessings for keeping the contract and penalty clauses or “curses” for breaking the contract. As they had broken the contract they came under The Curse (penalty clause) and that curse was death, for the whole nation.

In 997 B.C. under David’s grandson Rehoboam, the son of Solomon; the Twelve Tribes of Israel fell-out with each other and split-up into two separate kingdoms, with two separate kings and they lived side by side but in two separate countries, called Israel and Judaea. The twelve tribes divided into the ten-tribed “House of Israel” who lived in Israel in the Northern section of the Holy Land under king Jeroboam and the two-tribed “House of Judah” who lived in Judaea, in the South of the Holy Land, under the sovereignty of Solomon’s son, king Rehoboam, with whom Jacob’s Pillar (the British Coronation Stone) and The Ark of the Covenant remained.

The Northern kingdom was called Israel and its capital city was Samaria. The Southern kingdom was called Judaea and its capital was Jerusalem. The ten Northern tribes of the “House of Israel” were taken from the Holy Land into slavery by the Assyrians in 722 B.C. as a punishment from God under the curse of The Law for not keeping the Covenant, where they lost their true identity as Israel, becoming the “Ten Lost Tribes of Israel”, and later spread throughout Europe and to the British Isles where some remained, while others later spread to the United States of America and throughout the Commonwealth.

The Jewish people claim their descent from the two-tribed “House of Judah” (Jew-dah), hence their name Jew. So all true racial Jews are Israelites but not all Israelites are Jews. Just as, for example, all Scottish people are British but not all of the British people are Scottish.

The Two Tribed “House of Judah” were later taken from the Holy Land into Slavery in Babylon by king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon in c.588 B.C., for the same reasons the “House of Israel” were taken into Slavery by the Assyrians – for not keeping the Covenant, and the Kingdom was overturned from Jerusalem to Ireland in c.588 B.C., where some of the “Lost Tribes” of the “House of Israel” had settled.   A remnant of the “House of Judah” were finally allowed to return to the land of Israel. They rebuilt the Temple of Solomon and re-established their society, but this time came under the dominion of the Romans and were again later cast out in 70 A.D.

By this time the Israelites had already sold themselves back into slavery, and poverty, lost their homeland and death was to follow. So, once again the nation needed to be freed from slavery and death, just like in the Passover in Egypt, 1500 years before.

As The Covenant came into being because Abraham did not withhold his “miracle” son Isaac, the only way to save the entire nation from death, was for God to annul (cancel) the contract and the only way He could do that, was by sacrificing His own “miracle” Son from the “Virgin-birth”, unless the nation accepted His Son’s Sovereignty and returned to His Laws and their duty under the Old Covenant, accepted at Sinai, in Horeb.

This they refused to do, so the contract had to be canceled and the only way to do that was for God’s Son to be sacrificed, instead of the whole nation.

The New Contract (Testament) then came into existence for those who wanted life and freedom. It was necessary to sacrifice “The Lamb” to free the people from slavery, poverty and death under the curse and under men’s evil laws, and return them to freedom, under God’s Laws, in the Bible, once again; under the New Covenant (Testament).

Anyone who has not signed up for The New Covenant, or is not fulfilling it in minute detail, is still under the penalty clauses of the Old Covenant (the death sentence) and are known as and are referred to by Christ as “The Dead” (Matt. 8:22).

Jesus came to abolish the priesthood except for himself alone as the sole representative of the priesthood, being both High-Priest and King, after the order of Melchizedek. He told his followers including the apostles and it is written in the Gospel of Matthew, that they must not be priests (rabbi) and must not be called father (Matt. 23:8-10).

The Jewish priesthood refused to accept Jesus saying that Jesus was not a Levite and so could not become High-priest. But God tells us and it is written in both the New Covenant and in the Holy Koran that the Virgin Mary was from both the line of David and also from the Levitical line of Aaron, being the cousin of Elizabeth (a Levite) and the daughter of Ann, who was from both the British royal family – the line of David and also from the line of Aaron (Moses’ brother, who was the first High-priest of Israel). We are also told by God (not Mohammed) in the Holy Koran that Mary did, in fact, give birth to Jesus whilst still a virgin and that she traveled from her home in the West (Britain) to the East (Israel) to give birth to the miracle-son. After The Crucifixion, during The Persecution of Christ’s true followers, Mary returned home to Britain, with her rich uncle Joseph of Arimathea, for safety and to spread the Gospel to “The Lost Sheep of The House of Israel” a.k.a The Ten “lost” Tribes in Britain, where both Mary and Joseph of Arimathea are buried and where Jesus grew up.

Jesus told his true followers, and it is written, that they must not go to church and must not pray in church or in public, as the hypocrites do (Matt. 6:5-6). He also abolished vicarious sacrifice and taught in its place the crucifixion of the sinful nature of the self, enjoining his followers to be perfect, as their Father in heaven is perfect. (Matt 5:21-48).

Therefore the parts of The Old Covenant that relate to the priesthood, churches and vicarious animal sacrifices, for redemption from sin, are now obsolete.

Let us now see how this affects the Law of Moses written in Deuteronomy. It does not affect the national and moral Law, in any way, exactly as Jesus himself stated clearly, and it is written, again in the Gospel of Matthew:-

Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy The Law, or the Prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.
5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no way pass from The Law, till all be fulfilled.
5:19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least Commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the Kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach [them], the same shall be called great in the Kingdom of heaven.
5:20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed [the righteousness] of the lawyers and politicians (who were also priests because the church and the state were one at that time), ye shall in no case enter into the Kingdom of heaven.

Therefore the death penalty for certain crimes still stands today along with the rest of The Law as a deterrent to the committing of those crimes. If the deterrent is removed then those crimes will automatically be committed, and increase, along with a breakdown of order, leading to even more crime.

Before anyone is tempted to quote the Gospel of John chapter 8 and The Adulterous Woman story, for an excuse, I must point out that this story did not appear in the original New Testament and was added a long time later by powerful people who wanted to get away with committing adultery. If it had happened then it could not have been as it is written because Jesus came to uphold The Law not to break it, as he stated clearly. It could only have been a permissible act of compassion because the woman was truly repentant and because her husband begged for her to be spared and did not want to press charges against her, otherwise Jesus could not have pardoned her. There can be absolutely no remission of sins without true and complete repentance.

The millions of people who misquote the letters of Paul and say that The Law itself was abolished, and that everyone can therefore break The Law with impunity, just as long as they say the words “I believe that Jesus is the Son of God”, are mistaken.  When Paul said that Jesus had saved everyone from the curse of The Law he was referring to the Penalty Clauses of The Covenant which are clearly stated by Moses in Deuteronomy 30:19 “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, [that] I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:”

Therefore, and to summarize, the only God given Right to the Land of Israel is completely dependent upon the keeping of The Covenant and God’s Law. It is not in any way dependent upon genealogy alone and the Jews and Zionists of today, who are not keeping the Covenant and God’s Law, have absolutely no rightful claim over the ancient land of Israel.

5. The Birth of the CIA and the Transfer of Nazi agents to the US in Operation Paper-Clip.

In their national best seller Secret War against the Jews, authors Loftes and Aarons reveal indisputable evidence that Hitler’s top Nazi general, General Reinhardt Gehlen, transferred his entire network of Nazi spies and double agents to Fort Hunt, Virginia, to join America’s newly formed CIA. This highly secretive operation was code-named operation Paper-Clip. And included Holocaust mastermind Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s personal friend and favorite SS colonel.

Since its illegitimate birth at the close of WW2, the CIA has always represented the interests of the International Bankers, not the American people.

Nelson Rockefeller, who became US vice president, and Allen Dulles, who became CIA director, erased the Nazi past of hundreds of Nazi spies and scientists who they smuggled into the United States. Others were smuggled into Canada and South America along Rockefeller’s Rat Line, using Vatican passports and money. Rockefeller was also guilty of supplying South American oil to Nazi subs that sunk American ships and killed American service-men. The Jewish Zionists spied on Rockefeller’s treasonous activities and then black-mailed him. In exchange for the Zionist’s silence, Rockefeller agreed to arrange for enough votes from a Latin American nation, to guarantee Israel’s membership in the United Nations.

The sad truth, say Loftes and Aarons, is that the Jewish Zionists bought those extra votes with the blood of millions of Jewish Holocaust victims.

Christopher Stimpson’s book called Blowback, exposes recently declassified information on America’s recruitment of Nazi war criminals to the CIA. Nazi rocket scientist Bonier Von Bron, who built German rockets and dropped them on London, was also put on the new CIA payroll. Von Bron and his team of Nazi rocketeers were sent to Huntsville, Alabama. Hollywood honored Von Bron as a collaborator on an American Sci-fi movie and series of Walt Disney shows.

6. The Cold War, Korea and Vietnam

The International Bankers and the men who serve them had won control of the British, American, and Russian nations, by seizing control of the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve Bank of America and by wiping-out the Russian Zars.

But the ultimate goal of the Bankers is to win the world game. Their devious game-plan was to divide the world into two warring power-blocks. The western capitalist block, lead by the United States, and the eastern communist block, lead by Russia.

Their next move was to transfer atomic weapons secrets to the Russian communist block, through Victor Rothschild, who is the ringleader in Britain’s biggest communist spy scandal. And through J. Robert Oppenheimer, the Manhattan Project’s leading atomic scientist.

In September 1949, the Soviet Union exploded its first A-bomb. America’s monopoly on atomic weapons ended after only 4 years. Now, both super-powers had the means to destroy the world.

The next step was to stage a phony arms race and cold war, between the first world capitalist block and the second world communist block.

Like sports teams, the US and Russian super-powers needed recruits for their war games. So they forced new third-world members of the United Nations to choose sides. American secretary of state John Foster Dulles warned third world countries that you are either with us, or against us.

Korea and Vietnam were torn up like rags into half communist, half capitalist countries. And became the playing-field for phony war games between the International Bank’s super-powers.

The lives of 4 million Korean civilians and 33,000 American solders were sacrificed in the 1950 Korean War, bringing the Bankers another step closer to world domination.

Like Korea, Vietnam was split in to north and South Vietnam and became their next target.  In 1954, the US military dropped millions of tons of bombs on undefended Vietnamese civilians, and turned their lush green countryside into blood soaked killing fields.

It was a butcherous campaign, of terror, rape, torture, lies and cover-ups. The US military, who had already tested two radio-active atomic weapons of mass destruction on the people of Japan, decided to test their chemical weapons of mass destruction on the people of Vietnam.

70 million liters of chemical weapons of mass destruction were sprayed over the Vietnamese people, their water and their countryside. The most lethal was Agent Orange. Which defoliated, killed and contaminated everything in its path, like a radio-active atomic bomb.

To this day, survivors suffer related cancers, genetic deformities, and permanent environmental damage.

Many US service-men publicly confessed to their crimes and suffered haunting flash-backs.

In spite of massive US anti-war protests, President Nixon increased the US military presence in Vietnam to half a million solders in 1969. It was noble peace prize winner Henry Kissinger who convinced Nixon to expand the Vietnam War to the neighboring countries of Cambodia and Laos, causing the mass murder of another 1 million innocent people and their families.

On May 4th, 1970, America got a wake-up call. Six peaceful student anti-war demonstrators in Kent state and Jackson state universities were shot dead by US armed guards, while dozens of others were wounded. The message came through loud and clear. The power of the US military could turn its weapons on its own citizens.

7. The Birth of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

In 1947 the US played host to an international conference at Breton Woods to put an end to world poverty and starvation, caused by WW2. The idea was to give humanitarian loans to needy nations, by creating a World Bank and International Monetary Fund. But who would be put in charge of these billion dollar mega-loans?  Who else but the US Federal Reserve, International Banker families.

Putting the US Federal Reserve bankers in charge of humanitarian loans is like putting pedophiles in charge of day-care centers. Instead of helping the poor, the bankers turned the World Bank and international monetary fund into international pawn shops and robbed the poor. Just to qualify for a loan, desperate nations were forced to pawn their mines, forests, rail-ways, power companies and water-systems and agree to over 100 loan conditions at loan-shark interest rates. To pay-off their loans, they were forced to ignore laws that protected their environment, to lower wages, cut back on their education and health care.

They were also forced to privatize and sell-off their resources to multi-national corporations.

When poor nations were unable to pay-off their loans, they were given new loans to pay off their old loans, but the so-called bail-out loans weren’t about bailing-out the poor. They were about lining the pockets of loan underwriters like City Group and America’s most notorious crooks and bankers.

As desperately poor nations got poorer and poorer, the filthy rich bankers got richer and richer. And God help anyone who got in their way.

Davison Butho, senior economist at the international monetary fund resigned to quote “wash my hands of the blood of millions of poor and starving people.”

When President John F Kennedy tried to take back America, by reviving US government printed money, his head was blown-off in a Dallas motorcade.

When his son planned to expose the ugly truth about his father’s assassination, his small plane plunged into the ocean, killing all onboard.

8. The Financing of the War on Terror.

Before the first plane hit the first tower on 911, a massive US, British and NATO troop build-up was already organized and positioned for an attack against Israel’s enemies: Opium rich Afghanistan and Oil rich Iraq.

With no solid proof of who was responsible for 911, George Bush jr. attacked poverty strickened and war ravished Afghanistan only 4 weeks after 911. The US and British military dropped 12,000 bombs on thousands of buildings and homes, pounding them into dust and rubble and killing 8,000 Afghan people. 20,000 more people died from war related cold, starvation and disease.

The US-British war on Afghanistan left behind millions of starving people.

There can never be peace and democracy in Afghanistan. Because peace and democracy would expose and cut off America’s Opium and Heroin supply at the source.

So what was the pay-off for the US-British war on Afghanistan?
1. The uncooperative Taliban warlords got kicked out and replaced by the cooperative Northern Alliance war lords.
2. Opium and Heroin production and revenues sky-rocketed.
3. Afghanistan got a new leader called Hammed Karzai, who just happens to be an ex-employee of Unical oil.
4. America got permission to build their oil and gas pipe-line through Afghanistan.
5. The Bush administration’s favorite excuse for war, Osama bin Laden, was allowed to escape.

America’s second favorite excuse for war, Saddam Hussein, has always been America’s patsy. In the 1980’s America supported Iraq’s invasion of its neighbor Iran, to stop the spread of Iran’s Islamic Revolution. America played both sides of the Iran-Iraq war by supplying Saddam with chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. While at the same time, America secretly sold weapons to Iran and illegally diverted the money to the contra-revolutionaries in Central America.

In 1990, President George Bush snr. tricked Iraq into another war, with another oil rich neighbor, Kuwait. How? By supplying Kuwait with horizontal drills which could reach beneath the border with Iraq and siphon oil from Iraq’s rich oil-fields. Kuwait used the US made drills to steal three hundred thousand barrels of oil per day from Iraq, worth over three billion dollars annually.

George Bush snr. officially promised not to interfere with Iraq’s legitimate oil battle with Kuwait, but when Saddam’s army entered Kuwait to defend their oil reserves, Bush pounced on them.

America disposed of its toxic waste problem by building radio active depleted uranium right into their munitions and spreading them across Iraq. Bush snr. not only devastated and poisoned Iraq’s water systems and infrastructure, he weakened the economies of both Kuwait and Iraq, collected giant profits from rationed Iraq food for oil programs and landed massive rebuilding contracts in Kuwait. Bush snr. followed up the gulf war with ten long years of trade sanctions that killed another 1.5 million Iraqi people, including 600,000 children who were cut off from medical supplies.

In March 2003 president George Bush jnr. launched the 2nd Gulf War. The second war on Iraq wasn’t about revenge for 9-11, since not one of the 19 accused terrorists were Iraqi citizens. It wasn’t about weapons of mass destruction, which inspectors hadn’t found. It wasn’t even about Saddam Hussein who had been financed into power by the US in the first place and who got his chemical and biological weapons from American Companies.

No. The US wars against Iraq and Afghanistan were about mass murder and piracy. They were about big weapons sales, big oil, big pipelines, big drugs, and big rebuilding contracts.

They were about colonizing the Middle East and moving two giant steps closer to world domination.

The theft and devastation of the ancient land of Iraq by the US government, closely resembles the theft and devastation of Palestine by the Israeli government.


Ben Stein calls Ron Paul antisemitic on Larry King

Ben Stein calls Ron Paul antisemitic on Larry King  http://bit.ly/8GlpKg

What a moron ben stein is…

The Bush Crime Syndicate http://bit.ly/4v0jjL

Federal Aviation Administration Considering Passenger Ban – http://www.theonion.com/content/node/27687

The Desperately Poor Now Selling Body Parts to Survive (Reuters) – http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE5BR29X20091228

The cost of doing business #libertarian http://bit.ly/8cfeAY

Ron Paul on Al-Qaeda Terrorism and war in Yemen #libertarian http://bit.ly/7qakEJ

Schiff Report on HealthCare The Patriot Act & the US Constitution #libertarian http://bit.ly/5OscTe

Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington?s ?Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians? for 2009 #libertarian http://bit.ly/4rMKMH

Israeli Apartheid is not Fiction!

Open letter to the organizers and attendees of Sci-Fi-London International Festival 2009

Israeli Apartheid is not Fiction!

Cancel the special tribute to Israel in the London Sci-Fi Festival!

Open letter to the organizers and attendees of Sci-Fi-London International Festival 2009

Ramallah, 29 April 2009

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) is writing to the organizers of the Sci-Fi-London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantasy Film to urge you to cancel the special “Focus on: Israel” in your festival in London from 29 April – 4 May. We also urge the attendees of this festival, if its organizers insist on the special tribute to Israel, to protest the inclusion of this session and to boycott the focus on Israel. Honoring Israel in any field right after its massacre in Gaza shows either apathetic disregard for the lives and rights of the Palestinian people or, worse, complicity in Israel’s grave violations of international law and human rights principles.

We understand that the focus on Israel is organized in cooperation with the British Council of Arts in Israel as part of the British Israeli Arts Training Scheme, BI-ARTS, which is funded by Israel’s Ministry of Science, Culture and Sports and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The latter, it is worth noting, is currently headed by the ultra-right racist Israeli politician, Avigdor Lieberman, who in response to the struggle of Palestinian citizens of Israel for equality and full citizenship rights has continuously advocated their ethnic cleansing, notoriously stating that “minorities are the biggest problem in the world.” By organizing this session celebrating Israel’s contributions to the field, you will be effectively welcoming into your highly esteemed international forum a state that maintains the world’s longest regime of occupation and colonization as well as the only surviving apartheid.

On the festival’s website it states that the focus on Israel aims to examine the sci-fi “what if’s” being explored in other countries. Yet, we wonder if you are aware of Israel’s over 60-year old colonial history of brutally subjugating the Palestinian people. Israel’s recent war on Gaza is the latest chapter in this history of colonial oppression. In this brutal military campaign, Israel killed over 1,440 Palestinians, of whom 431 were children, and injured another 5380 [1]. Israel subjected the besieged population of Gaza to three weeks of unrelenting state terror. Israeli warplanes targeted and bombed densely populated civilian areas, using illegal munitions, such as white phosphorous, and reduced whole neighbourhoods and vital civilian infrastructure to rubble, not to mention its wilful mass destruction of agricultural land. In addition to this, Israel also partially destroyed Gaza’s leading university and scores of schools, including several run by the UN and used as civilian shelters during the war of aggression. The UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the occupied Palestinian territory has described the Israeli attack on Gaza as “a war crime of the gravest magnitude under international law.”

Israel’s war on Gaza was not an anomaly but an integral part of the systematic policies of ethnic cleansing and colonial oppression that Israel has carried out against the Palestinian people. The state of Israel was established in 1948 by forcibly expelling the overwhelming majority of Palestine’s indigenous Arab population. For 60 years now, Israel has continued to deny the millions of displaced Palestinian refugees their UN-sanctioned rights to return to their homes of origin. For the last 41 years, Israel has maintained a repressive military occupation over the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza, violating Palestinians’ most fundamental human rights with impunity. Israel extra-judicially kills Palestinian activists and leaders; subjects Palestinians to daily military violence; routinely demolishes Palestinian homes and illegally confiscates Palestinian land. Israeli continues to expand illegal Jewish colonies on occupied Palestinian land, linking them to an apartheid system of Jewish-only roads, and the Wall that was declared illegal by the International Court of Justice in 2004. Israel’s policies of repression systematically target all aspects of Palestinian life and are designed to crush the Palestinian will, creativity and human spirit. Since the early 1970’s Israel has targeted and routinely closed Palestinian universities and cultural centres in the West Bank and Gaza, and imposed a repressive system of censorship, banning scores of books – effectively imposing a stranglehold designed to prevent Palestinian cultural expression. From 1979 to 1992, Birzeit University was closed 60% of the time by Israeli military orders [2].

The injustice and the violent suppression of the Palestinian struggle for freedom have lasted too long. To bring an end to this oppression, Palestinian civil society has called on people of conscience throughout the world to take a stand and support our struggle for freedom by adopting boycott, divestments and sanctions, BDS, against Israel until it fully complies with international law and recognizes our inalienable rights [3]. This BDS call has received resounding international support, and has been endorsed by a number of prominent international cultural figures and Israeli artists, including Aharon Shabtai, John Berger, Ken Loach, Arundhati Roy, Roger Waters, John Williams and others. Other high profile artists have also heeded our call by cancelling gigs in Israel; these included Bono, Bjork, Snoop Dogg and Jean Luc Goddard.

In calling on artists to support the cultural boycott of Israel, John Berger urged artists to adopt the boycott as a mechanism of protest and a means to end the silence surrounding the impunity with which Israel violates international law and denies Palestinian their basic human rights [4]. In endorsing the boycott, the prominent Israeli poet, Aharon Shabtai, said:

“A State which maintains an occupation and commits daily crimes against civilians does not deserve to be invited to whichever cultural week. We cannot accept to be part of that. Israel is not a democratic State but an apartheid State. We cannot support that State at all” [5].

To claim the cultural field is “neutral” in the face of systematic and persistent injustice is to effectively side with the oppressor. International solidarity and support for the boycott of South African played a pivotal role in helping bring down the apartheid regime. Similarly, we sincerely hope you will take a moral stand and cancel your tribute to Israel, until it meets its obligations under international law and recognizes the Palestinian people’s right to live in freedom and equality in their homeland.

Yours truly,

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)

[1] http://www.ochaopt.org/gazacrisis/index.php?section=3
[2] http://www.mediamonitors.net/parry1.html
[3] http://www.pacbi.org/campaign_statement.htm
[4] http://www.pacbi.org/etemplate.php?id=415
[5] http://www.countercurrents.org/cattori260208.htm

Thomas Friedman Endorses Ron Paul Principles

Thomas L. Friedman, who happens to be a famous freelance journalist, has written an article about the decline in America, and how the future is looking bleak, unless something radical changes are brought about.

Our president’s latest energy initiative was to go to Saudi Arabia and beg King Abdullah to give us a little relief on gasoline prices. I guess there was some justice in that. When you, the president, after 9/11, tell the country to go shopping instead of buckling down to break our addiction to oil, it ends with you, the president, shopping the world for discount gasoline.

He echoed Dr. Ron Paul’s words… “We are living on borrowed money and borrowed time…”

Even though he does not name Dr. Paul direcltly, it is very clear that the nation is waking up to the fact that this mismanagement, feeding the ever-growing monstrous Military-Industrial Complex will drown this country.

Who will tell the people? We are not who we think we are. We are living on borrowed time and borrowed dimes. We still have all the potential for greatness, but only if we get back to work on our country.

He exhorts people to save money, to create capital… just like Dr. Ron Paul has said.

We are a great power. How could we be borrowing money from Singapore? Maybe it’s because Singapore is investing billions of dollars, from its own savings, into infrastructure and scientific research to attract the world’s best talent — including Americans.

Read the rest of the article…

As reported in NYTimes and InformationPile.com

Ron Paul can still be elected the President of USA – This is a Revolution…

Originally posted on http://www.dailypaul.com/node/36650

If you are not going to help me keep the most important post
of your lives up we will lose the nomination.




Ron Paul


I was an administrator for the Democratic party for over 6 years and i am well educated in the nomination process, I left the party to support Dr. Paul so i know what i am talking about.

Our founding fathers set the system up like this to assure that there would not have false or fruadulent support for a candidate thus forcing THE PEOPLE to become involved in the election process and to show actual support for thier candidate.

They wanted to make sure they would protect us from VOTE FRAUD and to make sure that a candidate did not win a beauty contest but instead win an election.

Any candidate and thier supporters can do exactly what we are doing if they chose to do so and i am sure from the reports we have received that Mccain does not have real support or he would have the delegates he needs registered as delegates to vote for him in the up coming convention.

If you doubt my post go and research it yourself PLEASE here : http://www.gop.com/images…


I know many of you are new to the election process but don’t worry.

I am going to go into some depth of how this all works so read and then read again if you need to.

Did you know that the delegates can actually vote to unbind thier delegates that are bound by state rules? Did you know that delegates can actually overturn and previous vote? Did you know the delegates have control of the entire process?

The MSM is not reporting how to become the nominee in a situation like this so i will tell you to stop getting your info from the MSM.

I know many of you are bummed about Dr. Paul not getting more votes in the states popular vote BUT THAT IS BECAUSE YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THE ELECTION SYSTEM WORKS : Let me explain to you the reality of how to become the nominee.

First stop looking at who wins each states popular vote for most of these states the vote by the people is really nothing but a straw poll and have no real bearing on who will become the nominee. The only way this matters is if 1 person receives 1191 delegates that are bound by state rules to be committed to that candidate. So if a candidate like Mccain now has 906 delegates now but he doesn’t reach 1191 WHICH HE WILL NOT most of the delegates the state awarded him mean nothing and keep in mind in most of the states most of the people that represent the 906 for Mccain are actually Ron Paul supporters. NOW there is no possible way that anyone in the race can achieve this goal now because of the major split in state wins by the candidates.

Normally Convention Delegates do not matter because the convention is not brokered and we have a clear winner because someone has 1191 delegates. BUT THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT. This will be a brokered convention there is no way around it. Do you see how the ronpaul campaign strategy will work.

When a candidate wins delegates by winning a primary that does not mean there are actual people that won acting as delegates- these are virtual delegates.

What do I mean by virtual delegates: A virtual delegate is just a number – there are no actual people YET that will go and vote for the candidate who won the particular state at the national convention. We call these people convention delegates

The actual delegates are voted on (in most states) at a statewide delegate caucus after the Primary (which is just a giant preference poll) Who can be delegates? Anyone. In closed Primary states they must be registered Republicans, in Open Primary states they can be Republicans, Democrats, Independents.

View the hard count of actaul pledged delegates here : http://www.thegreenpapers…

And we have lots of delegates.

Out of the 2,380 delegates sent to Minneapolis St. Paul in September-
-463 delegates are bound all the way through the convention some of those 463 are Ron Pauls people.

– 565 delegates will be bound through one ballot. That is, they have to follow the results of the state election on the first ballot. After that, if no candidate has a majority of delegates, they are free to vote as they please and Mccain will not receive over 50% on the first ballot.

– 383 will be bound through two ballots then they are free to vote for whom they wish.

– 318 will be bound through three ballots then they are free to vote for whom they wish.

I am not going to list every state and what the break downs are, just do the math from these numbers or look for yourself here :


Bottom line is less than 1/2 of the delegates are bound by state party rules. Now do you see how we can win this thing?

So what happens now you ask? You look at the number of delegates that Dr. Paul has that are uncommited to the other candidates and will support him. these delegates are not decided by the popular vote ie: straw poll of the people. Since no one will have enough delegates to skate them through to the nomination we now must look at how many delegates NOT VOTES but delegates Dr. Paul has that are 100% uncommited to the other candidates and will be 100% for Dr. Paul and are free to vote for whom they wish.

This race will go all the way to the convention for there is no other way for someone to receive the nomintaion untill the convention.

The RNC will convene its annual Winter Meeting – and voters will continue to cast their ballots in the nation’s primaries and caucuses. Candidates for delegate and alternate delegate to the convention will be elected – and thousands of convention participants and guests will begin planning their trips to Minneapolis-Saint Paul The first week in September 2008


This means that all of the people that registered to become a deligate for Dr. Paul can go to the convention and cast thier vote for Dr. Paul, now think about what i just said : Do you think for one second that all the people that voted for Dr. Paul and filed to become a deligate will not show up at the convention to vote for the good Doctor? Of course they will just like they battled the rain and the sleet and the 15 below zero winter weather to knock on doors and wave signs spreading our message.

Now i assure you that even though we didn’t win the popular vote in many states WE DID PICK UP THE MAJORITY OF DELEGATES THAN ALL THE OTHER CANDIDATES IN MOST EVERY STATE EXCEPT A FEW. So yes they won the straw poll and we won what counts which is delegates.

Doesn’t Dr. Paul need to WIN 5 states to be on the ballot at the convention for the nomination?

NO THIS IS NOT TRUE for people were just confused on how it actually works.

We only need the majority of delegates from 5 states to be put on the ballot NOT THE POPULAR VOTE OF 5 STATES and i assure you we have picked up the majority of uncommitted delegates for Dr. Paul in more than 5 states.

Do any of you remember seeing posts by myself and many others that said BECOME A DELEGATE? There is still time in most states to become a delegate for the convention and we are picking up more of them every day.

So please STOP! you worry too much because you do not understand how the election system works and you thought we lost didn’t you? I assure you we have not!

The fact is Dr. Paul is a genius in his strategy and we are further ahead in delegates than you think and we can win the nomination.

I hope this gives a better understanding of how we have been winning even though most of you thought we were not.


Info on how to become a delegate here :

Dr. Steve Parent